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Points to Consider When Picking a Screen Printing Company

Day to day, there are plenty of new companies popping up all over the Internet. But not all of them last. Some are newbies in the business, having no significant experience, but they will promise you the world. But without experience, they have no foresight to predict and manage printing difficulties before they happen.

You will probably see them in panic, trying to covering up for their blunders. A number of these companies have neither a landline phone number or a brick-and-mortar address on their website. Shouldnt you wonder why their prices are insanely low?

Its a rather old tale: person pays cheap printer they searched on the web and get quality that is equivalent to what they paid for. Cheap results. It gets said many times, but yes, anything that sounds too good to be true, often are.

Another familiar scenario: client could not talk to printer for a week, and when he finally gets them on the line, they have the balls to sound annoyed. But theres more. Client asks to get his money back but this falls on deaf ears.

Pick a well-reputed screen printing company that also has a long history as a business. If your work is important to you, leave it in the care of true professionals capable of providing high-quality results without putting you through any issues.

You may be promised turnaround time that is irrationally fast, considering that artwork and all other production materials have to be properly proofed before they actually get printed.

This is a strategy used by shady printers just to get you in the front door, and once youre inside, theyll sing a different tune.

You have to get all the details in writing, including an honest turnaround date. Otherwise, its all a game and youre on the losing end.

When you are tasked to print a whole variety of promotional items, such as post cards, t-shirts, aprons, etc., do you usually look for a separate vendor for every one of these things, or just one vendor for all? The latter is clearly wiser. It means you can save both time and stress, which also actually means you can save money. Without a doubt, there are such companies today. Working with a single vendor for all your printing needs can surely help when it comes to project management.

Lastly, before deciding to work with a particular screen printer, consider at least two or three other companies for comparison. This is only way to know if youre selecting the best.

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