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Posted by admin at May 25, 2006

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Entire books have been written on wine tasting. One of the best known and most influential is Emile Peynaud’s The Taste of Wine. While you may never earn your living tasting wine, we want to share a few techniques used by our winemakers that can increase the pleasure of everyday drinking. (more…)

Posted by admin at May 12, 2006

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So many wines so little time, a bit clich? but extremely poignant if you attended Taste Washington. On April 9th, 85 Washington State wineries and 45 local restaurants met under one roof to put on Seattle largest exposition of its local wine and food industry. The annual event is sponsored by the Washington Wine Commission to highlight the wines of the Northwest. Participating restaurants are paired with two wineries, much to the culinary delight of the wine trade, press and most importantly the wine consumers. (more…)